Important Information

Red Folder: The folders are to go home and come back to school EVERY day. Inside will be any papers that are to come back to school on one side and papers that are to be kept at home on the other. Students will be responsible for organizing their folders correctly when packing up at the end of the day. Please make sure to go through the folder each day, taking out papers to be kept at home. Your support is greatly appreciated. We are working to teach students to be organized and responsible.  
Homework: Homework will consist of 30 minutes of reading each day. Reading logs should be signed each night, 15 minutes for each step, therefore 2 steps should be signed per night. Students should be reading their leveled books that they bring home from school each day. Research shows that when students spend time reading books at their own level they make faster growth. Reading at home should be for practice, for fun, and should be relaxing!
Birthdays: We love to celebrate birthdays with our students! If your child has a birthday (or half birthday) during the school year you are welcome to bring treats. Please make sure that it is a store bought treat in a sealed package and there is enough for every student. If you are interested in helping to support our district wellness policy you could donate a book or game to our classroom in honor of your child in
leu of a treat.  
Specials: Students need to have a clean pair of shoes in their locker for PE. It is also a good idea to keep an extra pair of socks in their locker.

Monday: Music   Tuesday: PE  Wednesday: Media                
Thursday: Art
             Friday: PE   

Snack: We will have a designated snack time each morning. Your child should provide a snack that will be shared with the class at the beginning of each month. Please be sure to check the number of servings on the package and send enough for 22 servings. Due to allergies and dietary needs please do not send snacks that have gelatin, nuts, or marshmallows. If sending fruits or vegetables please send them washed and cut into individual servings. If sending something like applesauce purchase the individual cups and send spoons. Snack ideas: fruit, vegetables, string cheese, popcorn, Goldfish, Chex mix, pretzels, granola bars, Cheez-Its, animal crackers, Wheat Thins, Triscuits, Ritz.